Be an elephant – Dead or Alive, be the invaluable asset to your loved ones!

Life insurance in simple terms, is a guaranteed amount of money that the family gets after the death of the insured person.  The insurance amount is also given after a set period of time even if the insured person is alive in some policies.  There are basic things that a life insurance will help cover in this unpredictable world.

  • It will help reduce the burden of home loans (or any other loans) that your spouse might have to fight all alone
  • Your children’s education and future
  • It will provide a steady source of income to maintain the standard of living for your family even after your demise.

However, there are other benefits of life insurance policies.

  • Use your life insurance policy as a good investment option such as for retirement or as child insurance plans.
  • To build the habit of regular and systematic saving through premium.
  • It can get you tax benefits as most life insurance policies offer tax deductions on premium payments.
  • Life insurance is a financial asset that can help you to get a loan or health insurance.

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